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Thread: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

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    Default Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    This is as good as cold blood murder on young children. I wonder when China will wake up to this mess on food hygiene problem? These food mfg should be given death sentence for the crime they committed.

    Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren
    Wed, Dec 05, 2007

    BEIJING - FOUR Chinese children died after eating a dried-noodle snack in the poor southern province of Yunnan, a newspaper said on Wednesday, the latest in a string of food-poisoning accidents across the country.

    The children bought the noodles on the way to school on Monday, the Beijing News said.

    'The children began frothing at the mouth, were lapsing in and out of consciousness and clasped their hands together in distress,' teacher Yang Tingzhou was quoted as saying.

    The children were rushed to hospital where they died in the emergency room.

    Local officials were investigating all stores selling non-staple foods in the area, the newspaper said. There was no suggestion the poisoning was deliberate, it added.

    It said families of the children would be given 6,000 yuan ($800) in compensation.

    Food poisoning is a frequent problem at Chinese schools, especially in rural areas, where lax official supervision encourages canteen contractors to cut costs at the expense of proper hygiene and food safety.

    China has also come under fire for a string of quality scandals involving products including food, toothpaste, drugs and toys.

    Public fears about food safety grew in 2004, when at least 13 babies died of malnutrition in Anhui province, in eastern China, after they were fed fake milk powder with no nutritional value. -- REUTERS

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    Default Re: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    Really sad...
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    Default Re: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    Very very sad! Will they ever wake up?

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    Default Re: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    Sigh...poor innocent children. Wonder how they would feel if it's their children who has died. Do these people have any conscience?
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    Default Re: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    You can cheat my money for the things I buy, sure at most I lose some money and im perfectly fine, but how can you even cheat on the food! Its something that goes inside you! They just don't give a damn they just wanna see more $$
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    Default Re: Dried noodles kill 4 Chinese schoolchildren

    They should not just shoot the fake or unethical food producers, but also the health officials & the communist party cadres - they take money & look away...
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