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Thread: Adobe Bridge problems

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    Default Adobe Bridge problems

    Anyone with the following problems and any solutions.

    I am unable to do the following in Adobe Bridge:

    Cannot delete files in Bridge. Tried the delete key, tried right click, tried the drop down menu. File just will not be deleted.

    Cannot move files in Bridge. Error message said "The Operation Cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient permissions."

    I am running Vista, and has Administrator rights, so I should be able to do everything. Please do not suggest changing to XP, that is an option, but I need to know, what is wrong with Bridge. I was able to do above actions just yesterday.

    Appreciate your help.
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    Default Re: Adobe Bridge problems

    Er.... Just wondering if you've updated to the latest version cos I remember having this problem sometime back. Seems fixed now...

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    does your account have rights to the particular hard drive... go to "Computer", right click on the particular harddrive and select properties... select "security" tab and make sure that your "Users" account (not just the "Administrators" account) has full rights to the harddrive, or at least the "write" permission...

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    what version of bridge you using?

    I have that problem before.


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