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Thread: How much to clean a lens?

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    Default How much to clean a lens?

    My 18-70 seems to have a gazillion specks of dust inside.. the front and rear look fine so it must be inside. Was wondering how much cleaning a lens at the service center will average.

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    Default Re: How much to clean a lens?

    if your images quality do not suffer from these gazillion specks
    i'd suggest leaving it alone

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    Default Re: How much to clean a lens?

    I met a guy who ask me to remove dust on this type of lens.
    At first, I told them that it does not affect the picture quality.
    But the guy insist and even wants to prove it.
    In the end, I cleaned his lens.

    Maybe this lens should be stored upside down(lying on the mount) to avoid the front glass collecting dust.
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