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    Dear All,

    I'll be heading down to Japan in a few days time. The following are places that I gathered from previous posts that I should visit for pentax stuff:

    1) Yobadashi
    2) BIC
    3) Pentaxforum
    4) MAPCamera

    Any other places I should keep a look out for in Tokyo / Osaka ?


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    It's kinda hard to find camera shops in Osaka, the only one that you cannot miss is Yodobashi, which islocated next to Osaka JR Station.

    Mapcamera is the best place to buy your stuff, the prices are really much cheaper than what Yodobashi and Bic Camera offers. Make sure that you bring your passport along with you when want to make your purchases.

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    First, do price check here. I send email quotation to MS and Cathay and also went to Bic, Yodobashi, and Map's website to check Japan's prices. For new items, the chain stores sell for about the same price.

    You can visit to find price listings at smaller shops and their addresses. Note that shops listing at the item page may not necessarily have item in stock. In-production Pentax lenses should not be too hard to find.
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    Hmm, I wish I could go to JP someday, at least I can find some FA* lenses there

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    Thanks guys...

    Given the prices of new Pentax stuff in Japan, I'll most probably not be getting anything.

    Will check out used lenses though.

    Supposedly they are in good cond and cheaper than in SG.


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    Smile Re: Pentax in Japan

    I have visited Tokyo in early Nov 2007 and checked out the prices @BIC, Yodobashi and Map Camera. Eventually I bought the K10D with kit lens at Map Camera in Shinjunku. The price was cheaper compared to those at Funan. It comes with international warranty too. But the manual was in Japanese! (Subsequently, I ordered a Pentax book online from USA) The salesman was friendly though he was unable to converse very much in English. I am enjoying the K10D.
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