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Thread: "The Tattooist" tops NZ box office!!!

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    Thumbs up "The Tattooist" tops NZ box office!!!

    Another Singapore production Tops box office!

    MediaCorp Raintree Pictures "The Tattooist" tops NZ box office

    By Chio Su-Mei, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 29 November 2007 2340 hrs

    SINGAPORE : Homegrown MediaCorp Raintree Pictures' "The Tattooist" has emerged the number 1 horror movie of the year at the New Zealand box office, grossing almost US$440,000 (NZ$575,000).

    "The Tattooist", a tie-up with production company Eyeworks New Zealand, made its debut in Singapore cinemas on Thursday.

    It is the first New Zealand and Singapore feature film tie-up after the two countries signed a co-production treaty in 2004.

    "The Tattooist", a supernatural thriller, stars Jason Behr from the TV series 'Roswell'.

    As American Jake Sawyer, he is an uninspired tattoo artist who steals designs in order to scrape a living.

    At a tattoo convention in Singapore, he steals a traditional Samoan tattoo instrument, which unleashes a curse that leads to horrible deaths.

    Shot mainly in New Zealand, with some scenes in Singapore, the horror film also features Singaporeans Caroline Cheong, Lim Yu Beng and Gerald Chew.

    "It just makes good business sense, because when you're looking to make films for the international market, and you're looking to collaborate with another culture, one niche in the international market which is very good to provide films for is the horror genre," said Robin Scholes, producer of "The Tattooist".

    But the biggest obstacle for Raintree Pictures is the lack of good scripts.

    "Our biggest challenge in Singapore is a good script. If we have a good script, there's plenty of money, directors, actors, and plenty of collaborators," said Daniel Yun, Managing Directoor of MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.

    Raintree Pictures is also negotiating with Eyeworks New Zealand to produce a second film which will be shot mainly in Singapore and feature more local talents.

    This film will likely be released in 2009. - CNA /ls
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