Starting this year, Eye City is proud to launch Eye Challenge an open call for a set of photographs reflecting and depicting the years events and happenings.

Participants of Eye Challenge should submit a set of photo-essay (4 to 12 frames), taken anytime during the year, but with at least one frame captured on the last day of the year. The participant is free to decide on the scope and subject of the photo-essay.

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness of our surroundings, as certain occurrences may not exist on the last day of the year. A long term goal of this challenge is also to enhance the historical value of our photo collection and provide a more accurate point of reference for the society at large.

Selected works from Eye Challenge will be presented outside of the Eye City: A Visual Account of the Last 24 Hours of 2007 final 100 selected entries.

For enquiries, please email or visit