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    I'm very very very interested in getting an Infrared filter..

    my camera is panasonic FZ1..just state first lar hor..

    1. how much? (55mm thread)
    2. how to use?
    3. my camera can use?
    4. when can use? ONLY sunlight?
    5. how does the IR filter actually WORK?

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    never used a FZ1 so not sure but can it take pictures in 0 lux or total darkness?

    if it can, i guess you get a Hoya R72 from cathay photo i think they do have stock with them, must ask a few times, cos sometimes they have stock but they dun know. Price not sure last time i bought 58mm i think 30+ 40.

    IR filter literally i guess is filter out the IR. den depending on the density you bought, the amount it filter would be different.

    when to use.... i guess anywhere with IR source.
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    IR filter doesn't "filter out" IR, it's the other way round

    It blocks visible light but lets IR pass thru' (usually, IR filter looks like a very very dark red filter, almost like black)

    If you digi cam has a built in filter to block IR, then IF filter won't work for your camera.


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