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Thread: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

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    Default Re: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

    Quote Originally Posted by Parchiao View Post
    This is so silly, the lenses you mentioned are not SDM lenses, focussing cannot possibly be fast. It's like saying you cannot get auto focus if you use a manual focus lens on an auto focus body. As for up-to-date system, the K10D specifications stands above the two other camers, which is why it was singled out for many awards. As or it being not comprehensive, it's true in the sense that SDM is new to Pentax when Canon and Nikon were already using it long ago, but the other camera makers do not offer nice pan cake lenses like the 21 and 70, or the superb auto focus 31 and 77, all which I am glad to say I have had the priviledge of using.

    For berrune, you must understand that kit lenses are junk, the only kit lens that I would consider to be good is the 14-50mm on the L1/Digilux 3. My basis for saying this is that you will not be considering upgrading anytime soon if you use this package, but I don't mean this package is what you should be looking at.

    Regardless of whichever of the 3 cameras you get, there is a likelihood that you will feel the need to upgrade your lens plus a good tilt/swivel flash, this is where you will need to focus on when you buy a DSLR. I say this because most kit lenses are not sufficiently fast for low light photography, and the image quality will often become an issue for users after a while.

    List out the cost of getting the 3 bodies without the kit lenses, add a good lens with a focal range where you would most likely likely use 90% of the time, and a tilt/swivel flash. This is where you will most likely be headed to. Do this comparision and the choice becomes clearer.

    BUT if you think that you can live with this or that shortcoming, then any camera is good enough for you.

    Thanks... I will take note
    learning to be a photographer... hohoho....

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    Default Re: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

    haha.. this thread is fast morphing into a pentax sub-sub-thread. Anyways, i dunno if anyone notice that there seems to be a lot of D200's in BNS going for $1500 and above for body only.

    Not advertising for anyone, just tot the TS may wanna look there for more options.
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    Default Re: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

    I think a lot depends on what you want to use the camera for. I just bought a Canon 400D. I bought it because it was the only camera which met the following criteria:
    1) able to take 3 bracketed shots at +2, 0, -2 ev because I wanted to try creating HDR photos;
    2) lightweight because I want to carry it for holidays and don't want to lug more than I have to;
    3) budget is below $2000
    4) high iso noise must be low
    5) image stabilizer is a must

    Once you know what you're looking for, you'll automatically narrow your choices.

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    Default Re: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

    You might want to consider a second hand DSLR instead of getting first hand from the shop. So at least when you lose interest (hopefully not!), you don't end up wasting your money. Lots of good deals in the Buy/Sell section.

    IMO, you can't go wrong with a Canon 400D, 30D or Nikon D40 / D80. Controls and image quality / noise reduction might be different but so are the prices so you really got to read up on that. Not too sure about the Pentax. You can read up more here to boost your knowledge: and

    But I must say the bros here gave a valuable piece of advice: do consider the investment in good lenses for the future. Some say the lens is the magic, you really got to try it to know. Other things to consider is what kind of photography do you like to do: portraits / landscapes / walk-abouts and travel (like me) / sports... then based on that, you look at the capability of the camera in terms of whether the FPS is good enough for sports (for example), or if it does well in low light and high ISO (in churches, for example where it may not be appropriate to use flash). Think that should get you started somewhere.

    Don't worry about exhibitions because like mentioned, what's good there is only the freebies. Some reputable local shops do sell models at a cheaper rate than what you get at the exhibitions as they have to meet certain turnover to be the authorized dealer so low prices drive demand up. Also consider getting your DSLR and lens from HK (like me!), good prices and can save some money

    Some threads to get you busy...

    Reference price guide of Canon DSLRs:

    Reference price guide of Canon lenses:



    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Anyone can recommend me which brand & model of DSLR to start off with?

    welcome to CS. amongst the 3, i would suggest the 400D.

    however, i suspect that in your coming down to these 3 bodies have been based primarily on price. i would suggest that you go to the shops to line up the 3, and feel them. having done your homework, you would know the slight differences in specs.

    last point. unless you think you would need the freebies typically offered at sitex, i would suggest visiting one / some of the recommended shops to purchase your camera and lenses - as a whole, you would get better value this way.

    list of recommended shops are on most of the CS price list.

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