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Thread: Does Brand Matter ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ortega View Post

    we need that as a smiley

    a lot of threads can be answered with that

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    It's silly to me to stick to any certain major brand of compact cameras since they share so much technology that they could be considered cousins.

    Most of the time, you're going to get the same sensor in every brand when you choose a 7.1 MP compact camera. It's the software, style, and lens that differentiate the brands and sometimes, it's not that much as they have someone else making the camera for them.

    If you choose a local brand, you might have trouble but Fuji is known worldwide and should never be a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eshban View Post
    Hi all,

    I am new to photography. I have to buy this camera "Fujifilm Finepix S5700". Someone have told me to buy some Cannon or Nikon camera because the brand of Cannon or Nikon are famous and reliable. Please tell me,

    1) Is the brand matters or not?
    2) How's this "Fujifilm Finepix S5700"? Is it reliable?
    3) Is there any other competitor of this camera in equivalent price? I've found this camera for "130".

    I am buying this camera because it has good features and it is under my budget.(130 - 140)

    thanks in advance,

    Hi, not sure if you get what you are seeking. Anyway I'm just want to offer my view to you. Brand does matters when you are getting a camera. However, what most of the posts before me said otherwise because they are only comparing to a limited range of well established brands. In that sense, brand does not matters because whether you get a Canon or a Nikon or a Sony(aka Minota) it will still helps you produce stunning pictures if you have the skills. On the other hand, you don't want to go for parallel makes of unbranded or China/Taiwan brand camera were unproven and untested by the market.

    So what I'm saying is...go for the well known and established brands.

    Not sure what is your purpose for that camera? Perhaps if you share it with the forum, the experts here will be able to give you a better insights to what are the strength and weakness of the different brands and models?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    Can you do some of your own research? This is discussed extensively in many online review sites. Basically, OF COURSE 38mm is enough for landscapes, but a 28mm lens would get an even wider shot. All depends on your landscape photography needs.

    Please don't go around demanding that people answer your questions if they are the things that are very easy to discover with google.

    You've been given all the advice you need to make your choice. Don't expect to be spoonfed, follow the advice given to you.
    Thanks Rashkae,

    I followed your advice and I will do care of that. and then thanks to the rocking "ortega" for the great message.

    The reason, why I've asked this thing here is because; These days I am not finding much time to read long articles on net. I know almost everything is available on internet, but just to save my time I tried to learn from your experiences because you people are the real professionals. And one more thing, I am new to UK as well, so don't know much about here.

    Well, thanks for everybody who have participated and given me their precious time and advices.
    God Bless You All.


    PS: I'll take care of this, "I will use Google before asking dumb questions"

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