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    i've been contemplating buying some film from the Internet for quite some time already. I just hope that those who've done it before can enlighten me on certain issues...

    1. What's the packaging like? Are the films packed in material that would render them safe from x-ray radiation? (I'm assuming that all cargo would be subject to the same x-ray machines.)

    2. Any cases of fogging in the films that you've bought online?

    3. Whose shipping charges are the cheapest?

    Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    well, what type of film are you buying? and the quantity?

    cos if you are buying film that are available locally... then might save you the trouble, unless your quantity is alot.

    for x-ray, most problematic would be the high iso ones which are more sensitive to x-ray.
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    i shipped mine using vpost when the service has just started, didn't have much trouble with it. however, there were quite a few negative reviews from fellow csers in one of the thread, so do check that out.

    if you are worried about the quality, perhaps you should purchase from reputable online dealer. i brought in provia, astia and velvia before, no issue with the slides. the films are stored in their original box and double wrap with a bigger box by the seller.

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    I wouldnt be so daft as to buy film that's available locally, of course. Im looking to buy film that's not been seen in singapore shops for months, maybe even years. as such, i would probably buy a brick or two of the film that im searching for.


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