Hi All,

Here i like to share a photo taken at Oceanside Beach San Diego in winter. This is a capture of the kind of lifestyle lower income residents of that area. As these people aren't that well off and cant really afford home heating facility .....they normally gather by the coast and gather round a BONFIRE.

They are very simple and friendly people. You can find quite a number of them of mexican origin.

As this is meant to be a candid shot, i did not use any flash and to me trying to capture also the sunset colours was challenging.

I metered on the back of one of the people around the bonfire to get the illumination lighting as the set point of the metering.

i had to use in manual mode these settings...
Tv = 1/20
Av= f3.5
Focal= 24mm
(film = sensia ISO 100)
As the shutter speed is slow....i had to use a cable release with the camera on a tripod.

Well.....here is the image....

Warmth - by the beach