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Thread: Recommend me a Videocam

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    Default Recommend me a Videocam

    To the gadget gurus out there, I'm thinking of getting a videocam for my Japan December vacation.

    Budget would be less than 1k. The smaller the size, the better. I have no preference on the media (DV tape, HDD, DVD etc) as long as the image quality is good.

    Let the recommendations fly!

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    If you don't mind second hand, try to get a panasonic gs400.

    It's a little larger than those really small handicams, but the picture quality and controls are top notch.

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    Thanks man!

    I went down to some of the shops today and realized that for the form factor I'm looking for, it'll most probably be a HDD based one, and inevitably will have the stretch the budget as well.

    Any recommendations on good HDD camcorders?


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