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Thread: anyone going overseas? eg, china, japan

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    Default anyone going overseas? eg, china, japan

    hi ppl, just wondering if anyone going to japan or china or whereever can get nice film. planning to bulk load B&W film but can only find stock for kodak TriX here. was looking to get fuji neopan 400 or ilford delta or Hp5 at 400 speed. the fuji would be the best option. found out will have to order in film and tt would cost alot.

    so just wondering, if any of yr gg to these countries or anywhere else where can find bulk film (100ft roll) then can help me to get?=P pm me if possible.

    o ya, if anyone also interested in bulk loading can let me noe, maybe we can all order in=)

    F3, FTN, D700, just primes =)

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    Default Re: anyone going overseas? eg, china, japan

    hy not use the Tri-X instead? HP-5 and Tri-X are very similar. I believe the Fuji Neopan would also be very close.....



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