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    Covering a dinner event about a week from now.. The theme for the evening is Retro, and I managed to get my hands on an old Impulse AF Polaroid cam..

    got a few questions on my mind that I hope somebody out there can answer..

    1. Where to get 600 film the cheapest.. Went to CP to ask, and its $40 for 20 exposures..
    2. Does the batt come built into the film pack? cos I can't find anywhere to slot batts in..
    3. Does the flash fire with a preflash? Thinking of hooking up some optical slave flashes to create a small photobooth of sorts..

    Thanks in advance..

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    no one knows?

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    nvm, managed to find my answers..

    the batts come built-in with the film pack and don't think it fires with a preflash, as far as humanly possible to see..


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