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    Default ROM shoot?

    Hmmm never does this before but have done weddings before.Just need some heads up on what to capture.Thanks guys and girls!

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    All the important moments. Serious.

    The hanging around and anxiety.

    The guests and couple.

    The couple and guests waiting for their turn.

    The couple and guests in the swearing room.

    The Justice, if female and chio (heck, my photog did just that during my ROM, and even asked to take a pix posed with her. We all had a blast of a laugh about it so all was good fun!). If male and yandao, and if that turns you on, shoot!

    The exchange of vows and rings, and of course,


    Then the after-moments and social.

    In betwen, try to capture all the subtle emotional moments like the nervousness, smiles, shyness, pride and happiness etc etc etc.

    Some photogs regard ROMs as boring and dead-end, but a keen photog knows that there are lots of emotions and moments to capture.

    All the best for your first ROM shoot.


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