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Thread: Letter from Burmese Tycoon's son a fake

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    Arrow Letter from Burmese Tycoon's son a fake

    Taken from arts comm:

    It appears that the reports on Burmese tycoon children's antics at
    UWCSEA and these emails he is supposed to have sent have been

    I wrote to United World College about this and this is their statement
    on this issue.

    “Recently a newspaper article was published in reference to a student
    who attends United World College of South East Asia, Singapore. The
    article is believed to be a fabrication and consists of inaccuracies.
    Unfortunately, it has since been reproduced in other publication which
    are now circulating further afield. The original article appeared in
    ‘The Irrawaddy’ and indicated that the authenticity of the e-mail was
    unconfirmed; this has liberally been altered of late to ‘believed to be

    The school does not take kindly to any matter that is likely to bring
    its name into disrepute. Thus the student in question was interviewed
    about the contents and nature of the e-mail. It is our genuine belief
    that the student is neither the author of the e-mail nor has ever
    expressed such sentiments. The pictures that accompanied the articles
    were taken from student shared internet site and replicated for the

    As you can appreciate it is difficult to counter the ‘trial by media’
    process. As such, we have no intention of further inflaming these
    rumours by entertaining a response for the media. The family’s lawyer
    has written to the newspaper concerned and asked that they print a
    retraction – unfortunately the syndicated nature of the article means
    that the damage has already been done. As members of the UWCSEA
    community we place great emphasis on upholding the values and practices
    of this wonderful institution. We will neither let any member undermine
    our reputation but equally not partake in any injustice. We will of
    course continue to monitor the situation and continue to act fairly and

    Of course there is the question as to whether any liberal institution
    purporting to instill values of intercultural understanding should
    accept the children of and school fees from persons responsible for
    such hideous crimes as the Burmese tycoon Htet Tay Za. However, I do
    not believe individuals and particularly minors should be held
    responsible for crimes via national, collective or familial

    One would hope that exposure to the ideals that the United World
    Colleges movement purports to stand for* might give the son a different
    outlook to the Father. Short of bloody revolution and the ensuring
    chaos thereafter, one of the only ways forward for countries such as
    Burma is for the elite to change their perspectives.


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    what's this about?

    enlighten , thanks

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    Eh? What's all this about? If it's some debate internal to your school, i suggest posting this on your school's forum.

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    no head no tail how to comprehend?

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    boh tao, boh buay...

    so boh chap lor

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    Quote Originally Posted by drakon09 View Post
    boh tao, boh buay...

    so boh chap lor
    You want Tao or you want Buay?


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