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    do u guys know anywhere that can get really cheap camera?
    i'm meaning dslr like nikno d40x and cannon eos 400.
    can u all tell mi around how much and where to get?
    thanks a million.

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    do refer to the sticky threads for commonly asked questions. take a look at the "Guide to DSLR photography for Newbies..." thread in this subforum.


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    1. Learn to spell the brands correctly.

    2. Once you're learned number 1, you can find tons of information with a search.

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    Take a look at the classifieds here in CS. Usually the older/lower end models go for very attractive prices.

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    Check out the Sony A100 on the 'Buy & Sell' section here. Cheap & good with build in IS.
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    there are shops in penisular plaza selling second hand cameras and lens... but personnally i would rather buy it from a fellow CSer as i know he/she would have treasured it.

    From the shops out there... i do not have any idea who was the previous owner and whether the shop owner had done anything to it... its a bigger gamble if you ask me


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