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Thread: HELP ! Can't get my G2 to work with my PC

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    Default HELP ! Can't get my G2 to work with my PC


    I just bought a G2 and manage to snap some pics.

    My problem now is I can't get my G2 to work with my PC.

    I'm running W2K Pro SP2.

    Manage to install the TWAIN driver without prob.

    But when I connect my G2 via the USB and turn if on, it detects
    and try to install the driver - I saw it appear momentary in
    Device Manager (around 5 seconds) and disappear.

    So far I only manage to get it to work once (for around 10 - 20 seconds)
    where I manage to use the Remote Capture software to connect to the
    camera. But after 10-20s, it disconnected saying the camera is not

    I have also upgraded my motherboard firmware to the latest.

    Anyone face this problem before ?

    Any advice on how to overcome this will be appreciated.

    Also, I'm thinking of getting a CF reader.

    Please help to recommend a good and cheap CF reader - I only
    want CF - not the multiple type.

    THANKS !

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    Anyone can help ?

    I'm still at lost on how to get this solved.

    THANKS !

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    I'll move this thread to the Technical Discussions forums, where it will get better attention.

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