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Thread: Need help with Sony F707 flash shots

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    Default Need help with Sony F707 flash shots

    I notice that when I take a shot at night with internal flash (with Sony DSC-F707) the colour of the subject in the foreground appears ok, but all of the surroundings turn out overly orange. I have tried taking these shots in both semi-auto and "M" mode. The shots in twilight scene selection mode with flash almost come out like a sepia image.

    I also noticed that changing the white balance selection doesn't seem to do anything when using the flash. I tried all available ISO's and flash intensity levels but ran into the same problem. Using the manual white balance without flash turns out really well, but it won't be practical for what I am trying to achieve (need the flash to capture people dancing at an outdoor event at night).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I think the background colour cast is caused by the lamps illuminating the background and the flash cannot reach that far to correct that.

    If you change the WB given that is already corrected for the foreground in an attempt to change the background 'colour', then you might risk the foreground colour being off.

    So basically one might have 2 choices, shoot without flash or get a more powerful flash.

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    Thanks Puffy. I think I might have to do some extensive testing before actually taking the photos this Saturday night. If I had known I was going to take some pics like these (I've rarely had to do any flash photography in the past) I would have got the external falsh off you

    I'll do some testing tonight and see if I can get some comparison shots with an Olympus C2100UZ (which I will also be taking on Saturday) and maybe an Ixus V2. I took some shots last night and going by the image on the LCD, the C2100UZ seemed to do a better job of keeping the true background colours.

    I might try shots from different sides of the stage to see how the changes in lighting effect the shots. Does anyone have any other ideas?



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