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    Default How to resize a photo...

    Sorry, newbie in this resize tin... How to do the resize, will it affect the photo? Will it get distorted? (in PS)... I try but it seem the photo got distirted? Anyone pls...

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    for resizing right, i suggest you go to something about image, and change the number, there's this linking line between them, meaning if you change the width, the length will be automatically changed too.

    i think you're using ctrl+t then using the corners and change the size right?
    One day you'll see.

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    Default Re: How to resize a photo...

    I've near heard of photos getting distorted when resizing. Perhaps you'd like to list down on your method of resizing?

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    make sure you use Image --> Image size to change your image size and make sure to maintain the aspect ratio. Note that INCREASING the size can lead to pixellation.

    After reducing image size, i suggest running an unsharp mask.


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