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    I am wondering how those ads guys capture their lovely photos with clean background. So I tried using white vanguard sheet and reflector (car reflector, I know sometimes it can give out streaking reflection, but since I took this at home, I don't bother). Only available light was used.

    Care to C&C about the picture compo, colour selection or anything that is worth mentioning to better this piece.

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    Hi Mnoor,
    Hope you take my comment with a open heart and mind.

    Generally I like the idea behind the shot, however there are just afew more minor things you have to take note.

    Composition - The crop might be just abit too tight, you have loads of top space but lack of the sides and bottom.
    If you are trying to capture the reflection off the water, I would suggest you use just one Apple instead of three. You need to provide some "breathing" space for the composition.

    Color Control - The Green Apples seems to be more yellow than apple green. (Try to do a color balance during shoot) And I suggest if you wanna show the color contrast, use more green apples (maybe 7 or 8) and one beautiful Red apple.

    Highlights - The highlights on the Apples are abit weak, I understand you are using available lights for the shots. (I am guessing window light plus whatever indor lights in the room you are shooting in.) Can you try moving your set nearer to the windows and at the same time, raise the set higher on the same lever as the window parapet. That should remove the sudden crop in the highlight.
    Spray more water droplets on the fruits, not only it will make the fruits fresher looking, the droplets will provide details for the shot and make it more interesting. No forgetting water droplets will give you more hightlights.

    You could try using your portable compact flash placing it on the side. Divide the flash and the Set with a tracing paper.. that would aid you in pushing your F-stops..

    Sorry if I said too much, just trying to help.

    Have fun shooting and looking forward to your next post!


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    Thx alot for that motivating C&C Jawsure.

    All points have been noted and will try to get another piece a.s.a.p.


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