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Thread: What lenses for Canon 40D?

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    Smile What lenses for Canon 40D?

    Hi, after a long wait I want to upgarde frm a compact digital to the Canon 40D.
    What lenses would you recommend? I travel a lot, so wnat to minimise weight and equipment, but also be able tocover a wiede range 18-300 with 1 or 2 lenses.
    Is the kit lense any good?
    What about Sigma and Tamron versus Canon. Looking at the postings here it seems Canon is the clear winner.

    Last price I saw was at 1850 S$ for the body only and 1950 S$ with kit lense (I believe 17-55 - but I find that price hard to believe).

    Thank you for any comments and suggestions

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    There are about 500 threads like this in the Canon forum category. Try looking there.


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