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    I got a version of the PS Elements 4 when i got my film scanner.

    Does anyone know what's the diff between PS elements and the other form of PS?

    I've read a few reviews, and according to 'EXPERTS', PS elements is almost comparable to the normal PS. What are the limitations of PS elements???

    Also, what are the normal things that people use PS for, ie. white balance, exposure, etc etc?

    And, if possible, could i have some sites/sources where i can learn how to post process digital images, the basics for starters ie. what are 'levels' etc.


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    No idea about Elements...

    Google 'Photoshop Basics', 'Photoshop for Beginners' and anything like that and you will find tons of tutorials online.

    If you prefer hardcopy, print out or borrow book from library.

    Hope this helps.


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