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Thread: I lost my digital pictures. HELP!!

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    try pandora recovery (i think this is the correct spelling).....of cos u gotta install it on your c drive which will may overwrite some data.....

    this sw is free and i used it successfully to recover my deleted folders....however i had 2 partitions, so i installed it on d drive....but no harm trying i guess

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    I encounter similar situation, except that I was the one destroying it myself. Fortunately I managed to recover most of the photos using this tool
    I managed to recover most(not all) because some of the files have already been overwritten.
    Another cheap (to be exact free) method is to download ubuntu live cd. There is a tool photorec, it will scan the whole hard disk and try to "guess" the original file header and rebuilt the file.
    Hope you can recover it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sytan81 View Post
    Legoz, have you tried the a/m software yet? Give it a go.. all is not lost yet.. it is not true that once the HDD sectors gets overwritten once means it's gone forever.. if that is the case, then there's no need for advanced wiping algorithms that make as many as 35 passes using special writing patterns to ensure total data irrecoverability..

    the US DoD uses a 7-pass algo.. anything lesser and they will believe that the data can still be recovered..

    if the data is that precious, then get a professional.. there are many who charge only based on the amount of data recovered..
    Actually, this is true. If you are fortunate, and the actual file data is not located in a high-write area of the drive (fingers crossed) you may still be able to get them back. It's not going to be cheap, but it may well be better than resigning everything to that big studio in the sky!
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    Different software may find different files. I 'normally' try different software to have more chances of recovering. Try PCInspector also.

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