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Thread: PDA screen protectors

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    Default PDA screen protectors

    Thinking of getting a Dell Axim X5. The screen protectors come in a 12-pack at a rather exorbitant price of $36 (3 bucks apiece).

    My questions:

    1. Are there cheaper / better third party alternatives?

    2. How often does one need to change the screen protector? I will be using my Axim mainly for reading e-books and listening to mp3's, not really planning to do much organising and stuff like that.

    3. Any reason NOT to get a Dell Axim? I don't mind the size.

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    Screen protector prices are like that... usually cost $3 a piece... I got used to it liaoz...

    Usually a low-usage user like yourself would not scratch the screen protector a lot... so 1 piece can probably last you 8 months or more... for me I usually change once every 6 months...

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    For screen protectors, my advice is get those better quality rewashable, scratch resistant ones at around $10-20. G2, brando are a couple of good brands. These will last you a long long time and won't degrade your viewing pleasure too much. Good ones will allow you to write better/easier with your stylus too.

    Anyway, if your needs stay at those mentioned, then maybe you could save more by getting the older versions that work great. By older i mean those with strongarm processors... But it's up to you!

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    advance or basic??

    u got lobang is it??

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    Thanks for the feedback. I expected the protectors to be like 50 cents apiece. Guess I was wrong.

    Getting the Basic one direct from Dell + the screen protectors.
    Lots of left-over "small" capacity CF cards I can use for data storage.

    You got lobang?

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    actually, it works out almost the same; those cheaper ones seems to get "dirtier" faster; visibility and sensitivity degrades. Gotta change like 1-2 months. I'm using a $20 a piece one, and have lasted 6-8 months.. supposedly able to wash and reuse but haven't tried it. think better to invest in a better one...


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    Yeah man, have used my screen protector since November last year and it seems nowhere near to replacement time.


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