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    Smile B+W Slim Polarized filter

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a newbie and have spent most of my time reading the topics and comments posted here. Am learning a lot here. Thanks guys. This is my 'virgin' post. I recently bought the canon EFS10-22mm lense (All the beautiful pics from your various postings swayed my decision) for my 400D and am thinking of getting the B+W Slim Polarized filter. I understand that it doesnt have threads on the front side. Does that mean that you can't put the lense cap on? If this is the case wouldnt it be better to get the normal thinkness one? Maybe a bit of vignetting? Also I read from another thread about the brass vs aluminium filters. I also read that the slim filters are all made of aluminium. Is this true? Any user care to clarify? I already have a B+W UV filter that is permanently on my 24-70mm and I love it. So easy to maintain. I rather spend my time taking pics than cleaning filters. My other question is I am thinking of getting a macro lense. Would a 60mm or 100mm one be better for the 400D? I cant rule out going full frame in time to come but it will be at least a few years from now, when I am fully good with photography and can push my 400D to its limits.

    Thanks everyone for reading and happy shooting

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    Not sure about the filter. B+W should be good.

    For macro lens, that depends what sort of thing you wanted to take.
    60mm is good for copying, still life and flower. It is good for portrait. It's light for hand held shot.

    The main advantage of 100mm is that will give a some working distance when taking things like insects. The perspective of narrower than 60mm, hence the background is easiler to control. Still can hand held, but need faster speed than 60mm.

    Hope the above help.

    Yan Leong

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    Thank for advise. I have also realized that 100mm needs a more stable hand than the 60mm. As for the B+W filters, anyone care to share their experience? Thanks


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