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    When to this beautiful Lata Kinjang waterfall which is about 45min away from Ipoh in Malaysia. Each shot is taken with 1sec f28 settings. Polarizer is fitted to the lens. I'm using Fuji Reala 100 film.

    I think it's beautifully taken, any comment? Thanks

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    I can't see the pictures...

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    nice shot but a little bit over exposed.
    you should have a close up shot also.

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    cavin, thanks for sharing but got some comments though

    Not necessarily more is beautiful. If you look at the first picture, your skyline looks abit burnt even part of the waterfall looks burnt.

    Try using a ND filter to cut the lights out or lower your angle to show more of the ground and avoid the sky.

    Try going close and just concentrate on various sections of the water to show the softness of the water due to your long exposure

    Just my 2 cents worth okay? :P Varies from person to person :PPP


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