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Thread: 2 Autumn Pictures. ps:broken link fixed. Pls comment.

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    Default 2 Autumn Pictures. ps:broken link fixed. Pls comment.

    Nikon F80; Nikkor 50mm F1.8D; Fuji XTRA400; shot at 1/10s@f2 handheld.

    Nikon F80; Nikkor 50mm F1.8D; Fuji XTRA400; shot at 1/15s@f1.8 handheld.

    Scanned Using Canonscan 5000F.
    Copyrighted and Bordered using PS7.
    Image Unedited.

    Please comment. Many thanks.

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    hmm..composition wise, i would say... well ok. but to me, the pictures doesnt really tell me about autumn. i cant relate to it.
    just my 2 cents

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    Hmm... the leaves fall and brown in autumn. The weather gets wetter, and fungi abound.

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    nice. i like the colours and the overall feel

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    my advice is: don't shoot if you don't bring along your tripod!

    Even if I can hand held, I will still attach my camera to a tripod for a better control of the DOF. For what you were taking above, you needed a tripod even more.

    You have defied the "law of photography"... to avoid unnecessary camera shake, never shoot below the reciprocal of your lens' focal length unless your hands are steady as a rock.

    I see that you used a 50mm lens. As a minimum, you should be working at a shutter speed of 1/50 sec (or plus/minus a little).

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    yeah... agree to that point abt defying that rule. But sometimes, u just wanna go out for a walk and express yourself informally. A tripod, is one of the most hindering items to lug around.... just makes me impatient, lose my thoughts... affects the emotional side of the picture. Just my personal feeling. SOmetimes U dont wanna take pictures, u just want a means of expression. I agree with your point, and I always bring my tripod when I wanna go out and take good pictures, but on that day, just feeling down. Sling my camera on with my lightest lense, walk to Uni and snapped away.


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