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    Default Sunset - CityView

    Camera : G9
    Tripod : No
    Shooting Mode : Manual
    Shutter Speed : 1/4
    Aperture Value : 2.8
    ISO Speed : 80
    Focal Length : 7.4mm
    Post Processing : Yes - Curve

    I'm trying to capture the beautiful sky behind the city during sunset.
    I'm ready......C&C, pls.
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    Default Re: Sunset - CityView

    You have a chance to capture a photo that worth printing A4 size or even framing
    on the wall, and YET you throw it away !

    Seriously, the blurness/softness in the silhouette buildings do not do justice to the picture.
    For goodness sake, if you do not have a tripod, finding a railing, bench or even rubbish bin to
    support your camera.
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    Default Re: Sunset - CityView

    Camera shake is very obvious here. The colors look too over done and saturated. Composition wise, you could have tried pano shot.
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    Default Re: Sunset - CityView

    like the other cs-ers..

    trying 1/4s without tripod = blurry pic..

    unless you got hands of steel.. =)

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    i'm afraid i have nothing but bad comments for this one

    it makes it even worse that it was a brilliant sunset, wasn't it?

    the composition is horrible, the tilt is horrible, the post processing treatment is horrible.
    of all these 3 things, concentrate on the first, then i suppose the second and third will naturally come.
    shoot more!

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    Default Re: Sunset - CityView

    More of the reflections on the water would be other words, tilt lower.
    Dun blame the camera...blame the one behind the viewfinder :bsmilie:
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    Default Re: Sunset - CityView

    yes overly done.

    the distortion is pretty evident, we don't need to show that earth is round in this case

    This picture would be nice if viewed thumbnail but not now because of the softness of the buildings which is key because its silhouette and outline is the main attention

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    BUZ_BUZ, yehosaphat, ssping83, tkbonz and sprintist : Thank you for your comments! I'll take note for my future outing! I definitely will get a tripod soon

    As for night86mare: Thanks for your "horrible" comments.


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