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    I just got my Holga 120 GCFN camera (was extremely inspired by photos on Now that I've got it. I need to know how to use it. i.e, what to make sure of before I take a picture/when I take a picture/after I take a picture. Also, what is crossprocessing and how do I do that? And ummm, filmsssss. I currently don't haev the 35mm film adaptor so I guess I should be looking at 120mm films. Tell me where to get them/which are the best films etc etc etc...

    I need hellllp! Totally new to this oO

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    Try asking in the Alternative photo subforum. More Holga maniacs are there

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    Yep, the forum is loaded.

    An alternative is contacting Objectifs. I bought the exact same Holga as yours from them, and they told me I could email them anytime re: Holga or Alternative Photography anytime.

    I haven't used mine yet, but can't wait till my exams are over!


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