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Thread: 3rd Party Tele-converters

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    Hi guys,
    Personally, I prefer camera with long zoom as I can take pictures from far away. Previous super zoom camera was Canon S2 IS and now I am using Olympus 550UZ.

    I personally prefer Canon's ultra-fast Zoom as well as the way their firmware is programmed and their stereo sound recording, not to mention flip-LCD screens. However, it has been the fact that for 3 generations, S2-> S5, the zoom remains at 12X whereas the camera I am using has 18X Zoom as well as Wide Angle Lens. (28mm-504mm IIRC)

    I am thinking of buying the tele-converters next time when the next generation of Sx IS series comes out to enhance the Zooming power. There is a few question:
    -Canon has their own Tele Lens for S2 series onwards, but it is pretty huge. Are 3rd party ones as big also.
    -Does 3rd party Teleconverter exist?
    -Are 3rd Party Teleconverters using the same 52mm/58mm ring just like ur filters and palorizers??


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    yes most 3rd party teleconvertors comes in 52 mm and 58mm. Can try checking raynox teleconvertors they are the recommended ones. You can also go to those recommended shops to get cheaper teleconvertors or wide angle convertors.

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    Hi invidibl3!

    Thanks for the reply.
    Are all Teleconverter lens so huge? I hope to find a smaller 1 for portability. I changed from S2 IS to Oylmpus 550 due to its superior wide-angle + 18x. But I feel that Canon is still function better, dunno why...

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    most teleconvertors are about the same size due to the magnification. you can always take it off when not using it. Anyways you will need a tripod if you gonna use it at full zoom.

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    have a 3rd party wide angle converter if you r interested
    let me know

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    Quote Originally Posted by icestrike View Post
    have a 3rd party wide angle converter if you r interested
    let me know
    Not until I get a Canon SX IS...

    Waiting for their S6 IS... since I am still very bugged for the fact that S5 3 buttons beside LCD feel too soft and the stupid location were memory card is placed.


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