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Thread: Which Poly Course?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SianZronG View Post
    yah all jobs need degreeeee..... 36.5 Degreee =P
    I'm one of the sheep in silly singapore. i just hope i can break out from being the sheep in the herd.
    But usually you will end up in another place being a different type of sheep that you never imagine yourself to be!
    I predict u will join the white collar rat race soon
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    In the IT/new media sector, from what i heard employers prefer grads that came from the poly route rather than the JC route cos they have more training in the relevant area and practical experience. Ok, maybe i'm biased because i chose the poly route to uni (as in I planned to go to local uni and could go via either route). In fact, i think only a handful of people from my sec sch cohort didn't go to JC. They didn't even give us the form for selecting polys, I had to ask for one (for which i received funny looks). Anyway, when it's all said and done, choose something you might enjoy. Unfortunately, your interests and perceptions of your field of study might change over time. I now regret choosing this course I'm about to complete in NUS even though it was the most natural continuation of what i did in Poly. *sigh*. It's a hard choice but you've got to make it yourself, don't let others tell u what to choose (just take their advice into consideration). At least if in the end, you're like me and regret what you studied, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt View Post
    How wide is wide?
    say "arrrrrrrrr"....

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    I think the stigma of "Poly" should be erased, I am an invited judge at one of the polys here and some of the students are quite bright.

    I think you really need to examine yourself and see which educational institutions (ie JC or Poly) will suite well. The cultures are very different. For the same age one behaves very differently.

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    Thank you everyone. I prefer Poly, as I am more hands-on person.

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