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    Hi guys, just completed my first assignment on a simple event (gathering of old friends)for a friend. Wanted to ask everyone esp the gurus, on what you think will be most essential skills for covering -- Seems like soft skills equally important to your setup?
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    Erm you need to know the programme and location so when sometihng happens you wont be rushing for a place. Need to learn how to control groups of people for group shots.. the rest is all experience and your own photographic style.. oh yea and carry 2 of everything Murphy's Law..
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    yup soft skills are important...they determine whether you get the next job! i've also gotten other jobs by talking to people at the event
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    thanks for your valuable input guys.

    yeah i think it's impt to know the itinery and VIPs especially. antacid, I had a quick look at your site and it seems to me the impact of the shots really comes from the photographer -- with respect to soft skills -- to warm ppl up so they look good n natural.. what i'm trying to say is that the ppl look relaxed on your shots.

    does talking to them help a lot? how about personality -- outgoing personality should help too?

    sorry for the questions but i guess i'm a real big greenhorn in dis field
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    Well for me its all about timing althought alking a little does help you need to catch tehm off guard at times
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