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    I have PS/CS3, Acer 17" LCD monitor, Epson R360 printer, Colorvision Spyder2. I'm using Epson ultra premium paper for photos.

    I have profiled my monitor. (loaded to the graphics card color management)
    I have a profile for my printer loaded in PS's Color management during printing (with printer driver color management turned off)
    I have PS Edit>Assign profile>Working RGB: set to Adobe RGB (1998)

    My question is: Do i have all the profiles loaded in the correct places? If so, Why are my prints always darker than they appear on the monitor?

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    Darkness is relative... I also find that under the wrong lighting, my prints look dark.

    The LCD generates it's own light through the backlight, the print relies on reflected light from the surroundings.

    So view the photo under the right light before making conclusions.

    I'm not sure about the right order of profiles, but I've loaded my calibrated profile into the graphic card, into the CS3 working space, and is set to convert to the printer profile in the printer driver, CS3 doesn't control colour.

    There are many online sources to teach people how to ensure a properly calibrated workflow, do search for such articles
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