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Thread: tilt shift

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay View Post
    high contrast one will be something like this

    This is a lovely shot. What was the lens used to produce the tilt ?
    It looks much wider than what my 85mm can do.

    I while ago was actually tryin to look for a wide angle T/S lens end up getting the 85mm instead. Even the russian T/S lenses do not go as wide as 24/28mm right ? And currently the conversion of the Canon FD 35mm T/S lens to Nikon mount is pricier than the lens itself..

    But i love the 85mm. T/S is fun to use. And can double up as a micro too ( which it is supposed to do in the first place )

    Leong23, i am sure you will love it as much as i do

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    the pictures all look very nice!!!

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