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    hi all, hoping to get some comments and feedback on this photo. not meant to be those typical wedding shots where the bride gets to keep the photos for well, keepsake (there were others for that, certainly not me) ...took this for myself...wanted to get an edgier (?) feel to the photo...not very good with words, so i can't really describe it properly..hope i'm not as bad in terms of photography

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    looks to be like she's just walking.... even has someone to hold her train....maybe capturing an appropriate facial expression would be good and be able to tell the story better.
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    thanks mpenza , i've got that shot at a different angle somewhere for the bride herself, but for this one (which i did for myself), i didn't want to include the face..wanted a kind of anonymity so that the figure could be symoblic of the jitters some women might feel on the day of marriage... i like the way she's leaning forward as she walks/runs? like she's in a hurry to get to somewhere (or away from somewhere in my case) ...perhaps the person holding the train could be a a good friend? someone who supported her decision... and the shadows, so moody and brooding, as opposed to the conventional idea of a wedding being bright and cheery

    haah..but i guess it doesn't really work if i have to explain how i felt when i shot it, does it?

    but that's my opinion, hoping to hear others as well!

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    As long as you like it.. does it matters what other say?

    I like the concept.. and the lightings.. one suggestion is for the subject to throw away the flowers.. maybe on the floor or capturing it flying mid air to really bring out the feeling of a runaway bride.. now it looks like she is just rushing to the wedding instead of running away from it

    my 2 cents


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