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Thread: Where to Buy Photography Books?

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    Unhappy Where to Buy Photography Books?

    Is there a "photography" bookstore in sg?
    Looking for some photography books by bryan peterson...

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    Try the national libraries.
    If you still can't find the books,maybe you can try Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City.
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    Default Re: Where to Buy Photography Books?

    Originally posted by kree
    Is there a "photography" bookstore in sg?
    Looking for some photography books by bryan peterson...
    I've seen the books in borders... but it aint cheap. 40+ for understanding exposure. Kino too.

    If you are interested in buying a couple, try amazon. the last time i checked, they bundled a couple of his books for sale.

    you have to pay for shipping though... give borders and kino a call to check out the price and compare it with kino.

    am thinking of buying a book from amazon too... maybe we can bundle it to save on shipping.

    Or we have have a CS MO!!!

    I borrowed his books from the library before... hot item though. You can find "Learning to see creatively" in the NUS lib if you are a member...


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    Not too sure about this, but I think Bras Basah Complex might have some photography books.

    They carry lotsa art supplies and art books and just might have it. But do check b4 going cos I'm not sure abt this.

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    Am going to Bras Brasah, wil be checking the books out (if any) and post my findings here.

    yes, do try the library before you buy...

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    There's a shop on the 4?th floor at Brass Basah complex, call the Bashar i think, it's an art book shop. They also carry quite a few photography books not seen at kino and borders. Can check it out...

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    Borders at Wheel lock place have.

    It's right at the back, the furthest from the entrance.

    Near the Music CDs section, under the heading "Arts"

    I guess photography is considered to be an art.

    Bought a book there using a voucher, else it would be "ouch". they don't come cheap.

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    Pls check internet price first plus shipping cost. Sometimes it's cheaper to get from the net than to buy here.


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