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Thread: Lights for viewing photos?

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    Default Lights for viewing photos?

    What is the best kind of lighting and arrangement for viewing my printed photos? Incandescent, Florescent, or natural, or any other type?


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    calibrated 5500k lights... illuminated from every corner to remove shadow. Yet must be soft enuff not to create harsh shadows.

    aka, u can look inside the softbox... lol..

    *as long as there is no color cast, it should be fine.
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    The recommended colour temperature for critical viewing is D50 or 5000 deg. K light source. See Unfortunately, I could not find any in Singapore.

    The best one it seems is Solux. Looks like I will have to get some of these bulbs when I am in the US this December.

    Last week I was in the Art House to see an exhibition of photographs. They were using normal halogen lights and these made the prints
    looked too warm.

    N.S. Ng


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