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Thread: Setting up a studio

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    Yeah, talk to Chris from CP or Mr Ho from Ruby. The uncles will offer good advice.

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    Well, if you got the bucks to spare, go for pro-foto, if not bowen or elinchrome lor. You probably would want to consider getting a MF camera like a mamiya if you are serious about fashion. Not that a DSLR will not suffice, but it will allow you to shoot in larger formats. For that, you will need a digtal back like a a redleaf or capture one. That's another 15-20k. You are looking at a total investment of about 30-50k plus just purely on equipments. and yes, please do ask yourself if you really need to set up a studio?

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    I'd rather rent if I were u there are plenty of studios u can rent that are 3-4000sqft with a host of pro eqpt even digital backs ! They cost abt $1k/day, simple set ups cost only $40-50/hr.

    I had a studio once when I was young and full of zest but gave up 1 yr later cuz as u horne your skills comes the need for more pro eqpt that will cost an arm and a leg from 50k up wards ! So unless u are born with a silver spoon, I'd suggest renting best part u don't have to maintain/upgrade ur eqpt and on slow months u can pack ur bags n go for holiday ! haha

    Also 800sqft is really small unless u r running a makeover studio this size will not serve u well for fashion/commercial.

    Below is my link as a professional shot in various studios including mine which was 700 + sqft LoL other shots were done in studios 4-5000sqft onwards even up to 10000 sqft !

    ps: I've a studio stand still stuck in my store room 8 ft from italy any studio owners wanna grab it cheap ? LoL

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    You can also try the lighting from Germany brand "Multiblitz", Visit the web
    They are very good lighting, warranty three years! Agent is Stanley Lim Colour Center. Location : 122 middle road, Midlink Plaza, #02-03, S'pore 188973.
    Contact number : 96383643 Stanley, he is very experience in studio settup or you may call 98583502 Joanne if you can't get him.

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    Or get Alien Bees. They are in expensive but very high quality. Only problem is, you will have to arrange shipping with them. Do a google on them and then google reviews on them.

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