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Thread: How to pan with a monopod?

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    Default How to pan with a monopod?


    I've recently acquired a monopod to get rid of camera shake. But I can't seem to get the hang of panning to a fixed pivot that's not my torso.... the "twist" dosen't work here.

    Example below was trying to stay focus with the landing stork.

    Any one with experience to share?
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    hmm... think it's pretty hard to do panning with a monopod.... unless the subject is moving in an arc .
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    oops.. I should also say I'm also using a ball head.

    I was tracking that stork using my center AF point.. but it shifted away from the AF and cause it to refocus to the background. Of course the 5700 slow AF is partially to blame..hahaha (still can put some blame on my cam instead of my "skills")

    Also there's a question of my own "stability"... I nearly tripped on the monopod after I took the shot..
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    You lift the monopod and pan as usual. When you are panning, there will be less handshake because your hands random motion will be over-ride by the general motion during panning.


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