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Thread: WTB: budget mp3 player

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    Default WTB: budget mp3 player

    looking for a budget 2nd hand portable mp3 player, if you have one to sell and can meet at the next SEED 7 May. also if got link to website/product description let me know.

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    I bought my JazPiper MP3 player from Storage Studio in Sim Lim Square Level 4, quite a while ago. (not sure if they still have)

    It's a 64Mb built-in MP3 player with FM Radio and it can do voice-recording and it comes with a digital camera attachment (though it takes only 640 x 480 pics and no flash)

    It costs only $99! It can expand the memory via a Smart Media slot.

    The downside is the transfer from the PC to MP3 is done via LPT1.

    Meaning it's a parrallel cable NOT USB. It has to be transferred via the inculded software and not drag & drop in the Windows Explorer.

    I find it's not a big problem, only thing is the transferring of MP3 to the player takes longer than a USB connection, about 1+ min for 1 song.

    Still for a 4-in-1 MP3 player with 64Mb @ $99, I find it's quite a bargain. It uses 2 x AAA batteries.

    Warranty is only 6 months, but mine is still going strong after that.

    Just for your info.
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    From this thread

    Brand New Creative MP3 Player for Sale!

    Model: PA-20
    Market Retail Price: SGD$169
    Hardwarezone Pricelist: SGD$141

    My Selling Price: SGD$100
    On Board Memory: 32Mb
    Expandable with MMC.

    Condition: Immaculate/New (10)
    Still in box. Never been used.
    Seal was opened to check the player and content.

    Content of Box:
    MP3 player
    Installation software
    User Manual
    USB Cable
    2 x AAA batteries (non recharge-ables)
    Neck strap

    Comes with everything as mentioned above.
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    so coincedental, I have both of these at one point or the other. sold off the Creative though while it's unopened.
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