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Thread: A day at the Zoo 2

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    This was taken on the same day as the baby hippo. The bird was perched on a wooden pole and was part of a show. There was no barrier between the animal and visitors so I was able to get quite close to it.

    Focal Length:85

    I am thinking that maybe I set my aperture too big? Cause other than the eyes of the bird, the other parts of the body is not sharp. Is the exposure of the picture alright? How about the composition? Thanks for the comments
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    The entire set can be found at

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    1. exposure - it is a bit under
    2. shutter - it is slow, you'll need faster shutter
    to get body in focus, you'll need smaller aperture
    3. composition - the focus is too center thus losses subject interest

    on the whole, colour does look a bit flat.

    i hope you don't mind i edited your photo to show you 1 to 3.

    i level up a bit, tone up slightly on the colour and adjust slight contrast, some light
    sharpening and cropping.

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    Thanks but I dunnoe if it is the calibration of my monitor but the color seems reddish

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    i up the colour a little and bring down some brightness, that in turn
    result in some red cast.

    now it should look ok.

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    critique request in critique corner is limited to 1 picture post per week (your last post was 4 days ago

    do take note. thanks.

    thread closed.
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