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Thread: the start of an addiction!!

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    Default the start of an addiction!!

    the story behind the picture:

    we were at the a wedding(my sisters), she had it in Las Vegas, it was after the post reception so we were buzzed. we got bored waiting for prime rib at like 2in the morning. well we never tried the slots before and it took alot of convincing to convince my cousin to spend alil cash for fun. well lo and behold he liked it, and we couldnt stop him.

    i know he is OOF. the thing i wanted to focus on is the slots! i feel that having the person OOF gives the effect that we were loosing him to the slots!
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    Default Re: the start of an addiction!!

    give it more slant, shoot from behind him to give that effect.
    and get up close too.

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    Default Re: the start of an addiction!!

    if you were to make the person oof, include only a partial view of him. Otherwise a whole person oof seems all too distracting. The first thing i saw was why he was so blur until i read your posting later. Does the machines deserve more attention? He may be playing them but a slight blur of the machine instead might turn out better. Capture some expressions, like a WAH-LOSE-AGAIN?! expression that kind will help better convey your point across.

    Not a bad try!


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