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    Quote Originally Posted by wan View Post
    Not only doing prints,
    selling other services eg. the usual ones. passport foto, photocopying, photographic equipments etc etc.
    Other photographer/ videographer could drop in their services & sherman can be the middleman.
    If available space, a small studio for personal use or rent/ hr basis
    Im sure there are heaps of other things to put in, coz printing on its own won't work.
    I believe Sherman has work that out.
    Photocopy, passport photos etc all are the usual suspects. You can try and visit more shops and see what sells. One key consideration is your location and clientele. If you are at Queensway and you do photocopy, good luck to u. on the other hand, if you are situated near some embassy or immigration, you may be able to make a small fortune outta passport photo. the small corner stall taking passport photo near the malaysian high comm springs to mind.

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    Hi Folks,

    Really appreciate all the pointers that have came in. Have spoken with the fuji rep, and also the real estate agent on the location. Finally have enough information to do my math.

    The equation works out to be Really really scary. Anyways just a summary, the running cost would be close to 5k / month and if you are hiring an assistant maybe 6k. To earn back the 5k, you will need to print at least 10,000 4Rs per month, take 100 passport photos and do some off the shelve sales.

    However, i still feel it applies that if you have a few outlets, you can share the printer/startup cost to greatly cut down the running cost. Material cost is basically 10 cents / 4R, and ur other fixed cost.

    Well, as what you guys mention, it really depends on ur strategy, luck and location~~!!!

    Anyway, i am sharing my cash flow model for your reference, especially for those who wish to venture in this business. It may work to your advantage if you can find alot of contract printing jobs (events, pro photogs, commercial, online etc etc). <- link to the cash flow model

    For me, i will still be looking on how to improve em numbers, and lookout for the right location. i will still be open for those who care to share the cost of the printer.

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