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Thread: FS: Acer Travelmate 630XV

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    Default FS: Acer Travelmate 630XV

    Just 1 year old Acer Travelmate 630XV is for sale. Specs as follows:
    1)Pentium 4 1.4Ghz 'M' Speedstep Technology
    2)512MB DDR-SDRAM(Upgraded)
    3)30G HD (Upgraded)
    4)DVD-ROM/1.44 Floppy Drive Swappable
    5) Built in 56k modem and Ethernet card
    6)Firewire, 2 USB ports
    7)nVidia GeForce 2 Go 100, 16 MB DDR video Ram
    8)14.1" TFT XVGA Display
    9)5 Year Extended Warranty by Best Denki
    10)2.5kg with batt and drive
    11)Acer Carrier Bag

    Free with purchase:
    i) Kensington Optical Mouse with retractable cord
    ii)3 Weeks old Predator™ CD-RW 40x12x40x USB 2.0 Drive

    Asking price $2.8K(neg) Interested parties to call 97441135 for details.
    Alternatively, can go to Acer website for full details of the laptop. Thank you.

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    The price has been reduced to $2.2K with after-sales service provided. Call 97441135 for more details. Thank you.

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    Price dropped further to $2000 with everything in.

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    Anyone? Good configuration.


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