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Thread: Worm's eye view....

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    Default Worm's eye view....

    But then again.... worms do not have eyes.....

    Just wondering if the pic works or not. The pic is intentionally cluttered by the oof grass to actually block out the people which was quite a distraction. At the same time capturing the clear blue sky in the background.

    Trying really hard with composition. So, C&C to improve would be a great help.


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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    sorry didnt work for me...

    cause the foreground is way distracting my view...if you want to achieve a worm's eye view, i suggest
    you put you camera down on the floor and shoot...don't think just shoot..and review...
    the background is also not interesting IMO...

    and do not that worm's dont float

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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    ur border with ur watermark, very distracting... sorrie ah.
    try it landscape, with a broader oof grass coverage.
    and try evenly cut grass, the ones in ur pic is distracting being rite smack in the middle

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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    This reminds me of my NS days as a recce trooper.. always hiding behind brushes.. surveying the road.. haha..

    anyways.. yes, the backgroup sky is blue but not much clouds.. not so interesting.. I see people and cars in the background.. distracting..

    Given your title, I would imagine a view from the ground.. looking up with a big bad bird coming towards me.. that would be nice...

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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    not good enuff...

    technically, your shot is too blur to start with, probably motion blur.

    For a shot like this, i'd prefer a shot of an open field, with grass around, hyper focal, then really low level... with a fisheye attached.

    I have a shot which illustrate this, but just dunno where is it now... probably can go take it again.
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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    Thanks guys for your input.... I'll surely have it in my mind when composing my future shots.

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    Default Re: Worm's eye view....

    hmm u got to camp at some nicer area la this 'landscape' not too, ugly green railing, a big canal and many more that is not captivating, so they should not be included. the concept is fine, to me, maybe work on the different perspective, turn around more and shoot and shoot try out

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    hmmz.. good attempt.. though i muz urge u to reconsider ur composition..
    there's no real focal point here...
    a clear blue sky isn't exactly the most interesting thing to take so ur foreground has to be more interesting.
    the trees in the background doesn't realli work for mi.
    try keeping ur composition simple? simplicity is normally the best =)


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