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Thread: "The Sound of Light" by Richard Koh

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    Default "The Sound of Light" by Richard Koh

    "The Sound of Light" at Public Art Space

    Event Start Date : 01 Oct 2007
    Event End Date : 07 Jan 2008

    Discover the works of mechanical engineer-turned-photographer Richard W J Koh in a showcase of photographs depicting Light from perspectives undetected by the naked eye.

    Titled “The Sound of Light”, the collection of 20 photographs exhibit Richard’s personal experiences with light through his journeys abroad and locally. Says Richard, “Every journey that a person makes is actually a journey to his or her heart. These harvests of light were done during the moments of my journeys abroad and locally when I experienced something more than what meets the eye. The beauty of nature, light in glorious splendour, the light of joy, the light within or without the light. At times luminous, at times ominous, it is something mystical and wonderful to behold. Perhaps sometimes it speaks to us.”
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    ##See and listen with your heart, for beauty will reveal thyself##

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    Hi, where is "Public Art Space"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fungoer View Post
    Hi, where is "Public Art Space"?
    Pan Pacific

    More info here...


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