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Thread: PBase, Multiply, Flickr?

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    Default Re: PBase, Multiply, Flickr?

    Quote Originally Posted by SolBadGuy View Post
    I don't use Multiply. Especially after viewing some albums. The organisation is, on the whole, pretty messy. One more thing is it seems pretty buggy sometimes, photos in certain sets/albums sometimes don't load when you click on them. Instead, only a blank template is shown. I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the site or the user's settings though.
    ya, i agree on this part. quite irritating at times.

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    Default Re: PBase, Multiply, Flickr?

    What about

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    Thanks to all for the suggestions and feedback.. nice to hear so many different views.

    After observing and trying here and there, I think PBase is a better option... clean, user-friendly interface and the capability for more professional presentation (of cos depends how we design our own pages). The only minus point is probably at the moment, no video upload support.. It will also be good if the subscription fees somehow reduces a bit

    Not sure how's PBase support is? Anyone experience their helpdesk support before?

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    Shutterfly is Sony Imagestation's suggested site after they closed down. So far, no complaints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    or you can eventually get your own site, that works too, and gives you the largest freedom and the most work
    Come to think of it, may be a good idea to create own site... be it for challenge or fun.
    Any one here knows how to start creating, registering for own site?

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    Default Re: PBase, Multiply, Flickr?

    I have been with PBase for years now. Very easy to use. Interface is easy to manipulate and customised too. They encountered a major hardware issue about 2 years ago but have been ironed out. Have been working fine since.
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