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Thread: Pushing, pulling, exposure control slides

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    Red face Pushing, pulling, exposure control slides

    Hi everyone,

    need some advice here. I have some elitechrome 100 slides (i'm cheapo, so can't aford other slides), and I will be going from lush greenery in the tropics to blinding sunlight in snow and ice conditions for the next one month.

    I am aware of compensating exposure control, but not sure how the metering really works. I have a contax T3 and a Nikon F60. so how will you go about determining the amount of exposure control to alter based on the conditions?

    and when you mention telling labs to push 1 stop or pulling 1 stop, does this apply only if you push the film for all the shots in the roll? please clarify....


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    I hope you are not confusing between exposure compensation and push/pull the film.

    Exposure compensation is used because the camera meter reads everything as 18% grey. This is okay for most subject like the grass and blue sky and wall. But when your subject is not near 18% grey (meaning very light or dark), the camera meter is fool into over or under exposure. So the white colour wall or black curtain will fool the camera into thinking there is too much light or too little light.

    Exposure compensation is the manual control over the camera. So when you know that the camera may be fool into thinking there is too much light, then you set the exposure compensation dial to "+". This is because the camera is UNDER exposing when you point it to something that is reflecting too much light, so you must turn to "+" to tell the camera to INCREASE the exposure to compensate. For how many stops to compensation, you must use your own experience with your camera to estimate, because different camera behave different.

    Push and pull work for the whole roll, not just one frame. Hope this help you.


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