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    hi all, any stores to recommend when it comes to buying mp3 player? i'm thinking of getting a new one but scared kena cheated

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    hmmm what type? how much space one? if very budget and need small space. can go sim lim anyhow get those china band one ... altought it is fake ... it is cheap and it works
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    i've got a particular player in mind liao, Samsung YP-P2, just don't know where to go to get the best price

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    go funan and run into every store for the first 4 levels that sells your player, get a price qoute, sit down, makan compare, run to the cheapest one and bargain, making sure they dont leave anything out.

    warranty status, items in box intact, cheapest rpice, shouldnt be a problem. if still in doubt, google sgheadphones or headphonehaven, join and ask, the guys there are friendly and helpful!

    if all else fails, pop into any chain electrical appliance store! but prices will be slightly more expensive

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    I just bought a Sansa e280 two weeks ago.
    The radio reception is JUNK.
    I think they purposely hobbled it to prevent the owner from making a good recording of songs off the radio. I can hear continuous intermittent distortion in the background.

    Buy it if you wish to own something that has EXTREMELY POOR radio reception and recording.

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    Apple iPod Nanos


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